High temperature resistant glass

High temperature resistant glass


Corning Eagle XG Glass Substrate

Corning Eagle XG Glass Substrate


Glass wafer

Glass wafer

borosilicate for semiconductor


Guangzhou Greenrays Glass Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of precision glass ,we have become the offical partner of SCHOTT BOROFLOAT®(Germany), the world 's most sophisticated glass company, dealing in SCHOTTBOROFLOAT®33, ROBAX®、, B270 and D263T processing ect.., which are widely used for lighting , optical communication, medical science, life science, optics, aerospace, military and scientific research ect.
We have imported Japan's advanced laser equipment , ultrasonic equipment, carving and grinding machines and etc., and with our senior technicians, we offer our customers high-precision glass wafer (Glass wafer) with a thickness≧ 0.1mm and an dimension≧ Φ2’’, used in CMOS, CCD sensor, integrated circuits or micro-mechanical components package (MEMS), communication and data processing, optics, electronics,semiconductor wafer 、chip wafer、LED wafer 、2’’ wafer 、3’’wafer、4’’wafer、5’’wafer、6’’wafer、8’’wafer 、12’’corning Eagle XG glass wafer 、BOROFLOAT33 wafer、Pyrex7740wafer 、D263Twafer、AF32wafer、B270wafer、Quart wafer and silicon wafer.

We can supply Corning products, WILLOW®、EAGLE XG®、GORILLA®、HPFS®、CORNING 7056、CORNING 8010、CORNING 9754、CORNING 7070

We have large amount of high quality raw materialsstock to satisfy customer demand : AGC、NEG、D263T、NSG and Corning Willow. Biochip glass and microfluidics, bioreactors, slides, cover slips, low fluorescence slides and low fluorescence coverslips.

We will provide excellent service for you , please feel freely to contact us .

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